it's about kickin' hard
  on the many myths
     of life...

     making it bleeds
     the truth...
     like that of
     a freedom
     from bitter lies.
 truth | freedom | life  
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// live gig: june 12'04 . sat/8pm @ MUSIC MUSEUM
// what's burnin':

just last sat /jun.5/ we finished another song, "kalayaan", i wrote this long time ago pero last saturday lang namin nabigyan ng panahon.

the song is not about political freedom or anything, it just deals with the root of the issue - the inner "us" that enslaves everyone.

hear the song as we perform it first time at music museum this june 12 @ 8pm, check the lyrics and feel the rockin' music and tell us how it rock|d you...?

// kul stuff':
ginagawa namin ngayon 'tong demo cd's/vcd's ng banda, if you like our songs (or d band), drop us a line and we'll see how we can give you a copy:
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